The purpose of this site is to provide resources for Hunter College faculty, students, and staff to be more thoughtful and intentional about ways in which they are infusing anti-racism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into their daily professional and personal lives.

The navigational menus here will lead you down different paths, according to your own needs, interests, experiences, and background knowledge. 


This is about beginning with the self. We cannot do the important work of equity unless we first begin to:

(1) reflect on our own identities and communities
(2) start to build our knowledge around issues of anti-racism, justice, diversity, and inclusion.


Before diving into our curriculum and instruction, it’s critical that as educators we think about interpersonal issues; thus, this section of the website will link you into three different areas:

(1) getting to know your students
(2) establishing relationships
(3) building community


This portion of the website will help you with pedagogical development; included here are resources for your:

(1) curriculum
(2) instructional methods
(3) assessments



This is a collaborative, organic site made by Hunter College faculty, staff, and students. We welcome your feedback on the content of this site as we continually work to make this site more accessible to our community. Please email equity@hunter.cuny.edu with any suggestions for improvement.  

The Hunter College School of Education Equity and Advocacy Committee

This site was curated by the Hunter College School of Education Equity and Advocacy Committee. The purpose of this committee is to explore and utilize research and practices for integration of equity and advocacy.  The committee addresses and supports the Hunter College School of Education’s commitment to diversity as expressed in its Vision Statement and Conceptual Framework. The committee is driven to create a school climate that is inclusive and responsive to the assets of all faculty, staff, and students with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, languages, genders, sexualities, abilities, and prior knowledge and lived experiences. As such, this committee plans and creates institutional structures, educational experiences, and restorative spaces for our Hunter communities so as to both heal and to collaboratively dismantle bias and stereotypes.  Our intention is to build and foster more inclusive, humanizing environments both within our Hunter College School of Education and with our community partners.  

This collaborative website was made possible through the support of the ACERT Racial Equity in the Curriculum Fellowship.